What do you know about water?

What do you know about water?
24 Marzo 2011 neoimage

What do you know about water?

How do we use, treat and conserve it?

Fiorina De Novellis, Claudia Lasagna

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Data Pubblicazione: marzo 2011
ISBN: 978-88-8163-659-4
Pagine: 94
Prezzo €: 10 €

The subject of water may sometimes not be very popular, nevertheless it may express a deep sensitivity towards an element which is fundamental for our planet and for everybody’s life: this subject still needs dissemination, as well as everybody’s involvement. This book wants to contribute to such dissemination and promote such involvement, teaching children how to know water and help them understand why they must respect it.

Adults should already know how precious and important the water resource is, while by children it is mainly thought of as a source of amusement. This is why this book tries to make children familiar with other aspects concerning water, letting them know what water is made of, how it is used, and what the natural as well as the urban water cycles are. To do all this the books make use of a fast and immediate language, with the help of lively colored drawings and amusing comics. Some experiments, to be carried out at home with parents or at school with teachers, are also described.

Though the book contains many technical and specialized notions, it has been fitted to the comprehension skill of its young readers.